Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear Donna Rose -

Donna Rose,
   Hello again, Beautiful Angel. How are you? I was thinking of you and Serenity today and I told you that I would write again soon... So I am. :) I am keeping my niece, (I'm sure you've seen me with her.) Jaycee this weekend. I'm having a blast. Today we played at the splash pad and went to CiCi's Pizza. While we were at the splash pad I could definitely feel you and Serenity with me.. although your presence was amazing... it made me wish that I had Serenity with me and that you and your mommy and daddy were with us playing.. Seeing all those families is hard to take at times.. I think it was okay until people started commenting about 'how old is your little one?' and all those other things they ask when they see a woman with a child. I know you both are so happy up there.. and you're so perfect up there but we miss you here. And I was thinking that you should put in a good word for your mommy and daddy...not that you aren't already telling all your angel friends and God and everyone up there how proud you are that they are your parents... but they deserve their rainbow soon. They are ready... :) They told me I should move in and be their live-in nanny when they do. I think it would be fun. Your mommy and daddy are such wonderful people and they love you so much. I wish that I could give them a ticket to Heaven to visit you. If there ever was something like that I would be willing to give them my ticket instead of going to see Serenity because they would put it to good use I'm sure. <3 But until then you keep them safe okay? Keep a watch over them.. and tell Serenity I love her.

Yet again it's time for me to go, Beautiful Angel. But I'll be back soon I promise.

Remember, Your playgrounds are the Heavens but Mommy and Daddy's hearts are forever your cradle and they love and miss you very much.

Kisses & Cuddles,
   Auntie B

P.S. Would you please give Serenity a hug and tell her that her mommy misses her? Thanks sweet girl.