Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everyone has scars

Eveyone has scars that show where they have been. It's not just certain groups of people. We all have them. We all have a past that brings us to the present and will help take us to the future. Without the past and the scars on our souls and hearts we wouldn't mature. We wouldn't be able to help other people anymore and that would be a bigger tragedy.

People used to try and make me feel ashamed of my past or of things that have happened to me but I will no longer let them. God is using that to bring me to the person I am supposed to be. Sure, it was hard. I have things that I wonder if I might have changed if I had known the results but when I really think about it...I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn't change it. I have become a better person because of it. Sure, sometimes I wish I hadn't made some mistakes that I did. Who doesn't? But life is a lesson and you learn by making choices..even if some of those choices end up not being so great.

Anyone who tells you that they don't have scars or that they don't have a past is probably lying or they haven't lived enough life to be able to have things like that. Everyone experiences life at a different pace. Some of us grow up way before our time, while others take their sweet time and life allows them this luxury. However, no one should be ashamed of whatever their pace is. God has a plan. We are chosen to live the life we are given because we are the only ones strong enough to go through the specific trials and troubles that we endure...Some of us may lose children...while others may endure something totally different..Both are equally painful but the one who lost the child may not be able to endure whatever it is the other person is going through nearly as well and vice versa.

My point is that we all will have scars in the end but they will tell a story. Our soul has a story to tell...So don't be ashamed of your past...don't be ashamed of anything you have done or haven't done. Know that you are loved. Know that there is a reason for everything and that it may or may not be changing someone else's life. Something that you go through might help one of your friends in the future...or it may just help you as you get older and life throws more at you...but either way you should never be ashamed because that's like apologizing for the person you are.

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