Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just so you know...

DISCLAIMER: I am feeling a need to vent and I said everything on my mind. Sorry if it offends you that was not the intention.

Just so you know I meant what I said on my facebook post that night...every last word of it.

Just so you know I will make it and it will be no thanks to you.

Just so you know our daughter knows who really cares and who has been true to her memory and who is just using it to see how far they can get.

Just so you know you will never be able to replace her or forget her no matter how hard you try.

Just so you know you may have hurt me but you didn't break me...and you never will.

Just so you know I know I'm not perfect but I am proud of who I am.

Just so you know my heart is no longer shatters at the thought of you not wanting me.

Just so you know I'm finished making excuses and compromising myself for you and other people.

Just so you know I no longer care what you say or think.

Just so you know my true friends will always be around and will never turn their backs on me the way you did time and time again.

Just so you know I really did love you and would have done anything for you but it's too late now...I won't sit around and wait for you to change into the person you always promised that you would be anymore.

Just so you know you'll never be anything to her.

Just so you know I'm glad God has her and not you because now you'll never be able to hurt her the way you did me.

Just so you know I don't feel guilty for saying any of this because you needed to hear it.

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