Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Now?

Why did you have to apologize?

Why did you have to confess everything from the past now?

Why did you think it would help me to hear it?

Why now?

Why do you think that telling me that you loved me then and a part of you always will is going to make a difference?

Why do you think I care now that you have her?

Why don't you just leave me be and let my shattered heart have a chance to heal?

Why do you say you don't want me and then try to reel me back in?

Why now?

Here's the thing...I'm a survivor and I don't need you.

I've been dealing with things on my own for awhile now.

I haven't asked you for anything.  

Why do you think this will change so suddenly?

Why do you think that I will sit here and wait for something of the past and not move on?

Why do you want things to be different now?

Why are you asking to be my friend after you left so abruptly?

Why now?

Here's the thing...

I don't want you to answer any of these questions...These things no longer matter.

I can't hold on to the past anymore...I've held on for far too long.

I am finished waiting for you to change when I know you never will.

I am finished crying over all these hurts...I'm finally ready to truly heal.

I am tired of fighting for someone who doesn't fight for me.

I refuse to ask you for anything else.

I have made it this far so..

Why now?

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