Monday, November 15, 2010

Forbidden Emotions

This is a rough draft of what I hope to turn into a masterpiece but I know that it sounds awful right now. Leave comments. I could use the encouragement or really anything. No one has really interacted when I try to include my readers but I wish you would. It would mean alot.

When did I begin to feel like you were right for me?

When did I begin to wish I could feel your lips against mine?

When did I begin to read more into simple gestures?

When did I begin to want to call you mine?

Could you tell me why my heart insists upon harboring these forbidden emotions?

Why do I do this to myself?

When I see you I keep my cool, act like nothing's changed...

But inside I'm screaming, wishing, praying...

I know that I should tell you but honestly, I'm worried about what you'll say.

We can never be together, you'll never feel the same.

I'm just some girl with a stupid crush on someone she can never have.

How did this happen?

What cultivated these forbidden things deep inside my heart?

Last time I checked they were just a fleeting thought.

Now I am feeling all these things...

Things that I can never tell you about...

I wish you could love me

I wish I could tell you that I'm harboring forbidden emotions.

What would you say?

How would things change?

Everytime I see you I feel so confused.

I guess I'll just continue to harbor these things...

I'll keep them inside, bury them deep.

You never need to know about this.

I'll lose you for sure.

I'll be all alone.

So I'll just smile and pretend that things haven't changed.

I'll tell you I'm  fine when inside I'm not.

I'll hold your hand and pretend that it means nothing.

I'll hug you and remind myself that these are nothing more than forbidden emotions.

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