Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Than This

Some of you may have already read this but I have changed it a little since I posted it on Facebook notes so maybe you could read it again...let me know what you think.

More Than This

I keep tearing down my walls and letting you back in
I keep praying that things will be different, that you won’t hurt me again
I know that there has to be more to us than this
More than empty words
More than broken promises
If there is no more than this then it’s not worth it
It isn’t worth the heartache or pain
It isn’t worth my world being shattered again and again
If there's no more than this then I'm finished playing these games
So I'll say goodbye once again
I’ll build my walls back up
But I guarantee it will be different than all the times before
 this time you won’t get back in
This time there won’t be a way through
I'll be bulletproof baby!
It will hurt...I know it's true
But it won’t hurt as badly as I’ve been hurt by you
There will be no more empty words
There will be no more broken promises
I’ll walk away from all those pretty things you say
I’ll walk away from all those dark and stormy days
Someday soon you’ll come to me and you'll have lots of things to say
You'll promise that you've changed your ways
You'll swear that this time you are here to stay
You’ll beg for me to let you in...
Things will be different starting today you'll promise
Just one more chance you'll say
You'll try to convince me to tear my walls down once again
But not this time
I’ll be bulletproof baby
I won't let you back in
Because there has to be more to life than this

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