Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is It Possible?

What's happening to me?
Why is my heart starting to dance?
What is causing this nonstop smile once again taking its rightful place?
What is it that is giving me a reason to believe once again?
Is it possible that something amazing could be on theother side of the horizon?

Is this happening to you too?
Is your heart dancing inside your chest like mine is?
Are you thinking thoughts and experiencing feelings that you weren't aware you had?
Are you starting to wonder if this is something that you could believe in?
Is it possible that we could give this another chance?

I'm thinking about telling you that I would be willing to take the risk if you are.
I'll give it my all if you will.
Is it possible you feel the same and you'll say yes?
Or is the reality that my heart is wasting this dance?

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