Monday, November 8, 2010

What Happens When?

What happens when you realize that things aren't the way they should be?

What happens when you know that this isn't what your angel would've wanted?

What happens when all those dreams you had in the past are no longer the dreams of the present?

What happens when the people you wanted are no longer who you want?

What happens when you're tired of playing the games?

What happens when you ask for things to change but they just continue to stay the same?

What happens when you start learning to live with the pain?

What happens when you finally realize that you'll never be the same?

What happens when you finally learn to accept the past and start living again?

Does it mean you don't love your baby as much?

Does it mean that you'll only find love with luck?

Does it mean that you will forget in time about all the things that mattered in the past?

Does it mean that you have to move on by yourself?

  Brittany Seree'

P.S. Kisses & Cuddles baby girl. I miss you tonight..then again I'm not sure when I don't.

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