Sunday, November 7, 2010

How do we decide?

A few moments ago I was outside unloading groceries with my grandfather and saw a bright yellow butterfly. She was fluttering about the trees and the grass and the bushes outside my house. I suddenly realized that I was smiling to myself knowing that it was Serenity. Then I began to think of all of the things that remind me of Serenity when I see them. Pictures of the ocean, sea shells, butterflies, wings, mermaids (because of her disease) but before I knew about that what made me choose those things. What made me associate those things with her? What made me think of her when I saw them? What made me think of her when I saw the ocean on tv when I was still pregnant? What made us call her the 'guppie'? Or rather why did that nickname stick?

My brother was a little younger when we found out I was pregnant and so we showed him pictures on the internet of what she was supposed to look like and he said "it looks like a guppy." and it just stuck. But why?

What makes any of us choose the things that we use to symbolize our angels or our lost loved ones? I think it's neat how much symbolism there is in things. I just wonder about it sometimes.

For instance, when I see the ocean I imagine my baby the little mermaid she was..through the waves and enjoying the water. When I see a butterfly I think of her flying high on the wings that God gifted her with but I'm not sure when I began to think of those things or when I started being able to visualize them in my head. It just clicked one day and it seems like it had never been any other way?

So my question is what reminds you all of lost loved ones? It doesn't have to be an angel baby. Just loved ones in general that have passed on. What is something that you run across sometimes in a picture or a tv show or even in your everyday environment that stirs up memories that make you smile quietly to yourself?

If you don't mind sharing then please leave comments and tell me about your symbolisms for your angels. I would love to hear about them if you would like to share.

P.S. Kisses & Cuddles to my angel. Mommy loves you. Thanks for visiting me today. Mommy misses you and until the day we meet again....The Wings of My Soul Fly With You.


  1. my baby girl was born at almost 15 weeks, I knew from the moment i found out i was pregnant that her name would be Ireland if it was a girl. She happened to be born 2 days before St. Patricks day. :) so of course clovers/shamrocks are her thing

  2. Thank you for sharing. That's really cool.